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The three foundational aspects of my life, that keep me healthy and sane, are love, food and music. I am truly blessed to have the love of, and to give my love to, my husband, family and friends. I choose to surround myself with and to seek out healthy, yummy, nourishing food. The soundtrack of my life is upbeat, fun and totally danceable. As I begin this blog, I have embarked on a new journey to open my heart to new love, food and music. I hope to share some of my experiences here as a travelog for my friends and family back home in the US. As they say here in Costa Rica, pura vida!
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Journey to the Caribbean Coast: Part 3 – BriBri Land

To tell you the truth, Puerto Viejo wasn’t really Arturo’s scene. Too many tourists, bars, souvenir shops, that kind of thing. So after a day, he was ready to get out and find the “real” Costa Rica. This is the “Arturo Mode” of travel (see Part 1). Sometimes that means wandering aimlessly toward nothing (ahem, … Continue reading

Journey to the Caribbean Coast: Part 2 – Puerto Viejo

After our delicious breakfast at Miss Edith’s, and a French press coffee at the local bakery in Cahuita (see Part 1), we were beyond fueled. Luckily our little car kept its wheels on the ground (because we were ready to take off) and got us down the road to Puerto Viejo. Puerto Viejo is the … Continue reading

Journey to the Caribbean Coast: Part 1 – Esterillos to Cahuita

One of the many things that Arturo and I have in common is that we both love a good road trip. Assuming you can find a path that takes you off of the main roads, the journey becomes a rich experience in itself, not just a way to reach your destination. Arturo and I established … Continue reading

lovefoodmusic Costa Rica

Three weeks or so after I met Arturo, he invited me to his house for a dinner party. Nestled in a corner of the kitchen, I took up the post of bartender. It turned out to be a great way to meet all of his friends in a no-pressure way (not to mention I was … Continue reading

Getting Settled

I thought you all might like to get a little glimpse into our world here in Esterillos Oeste at Casa Feliz. It took us a little time to get set up and settled in, but now it really feels like home. You know that feeling when you’ve been away, and then it’s the first night … Continue reading

Monkey Love!

Dear readers, I’m back! After suffering with some kind of illness (nothing serious), we did some traveling, had some friends over… and wow, where does the time go? Anyway, today’s post is just pure fun – monkey love! We happened upon these beautiful creatures about 30 minutes south of our house in Esterillos Oeste, in … Continue reading

Sweet Treats from El Trapiche

Lest you all think we’ve done nothing with our free time but lay by the beach and cook amazing food (well, you would be mostly right), here is a little virtual postcard from our trip to Grecia. Grecia is a town in the mountains, about a 45 minute ride from San Jose. Our friend Ernesto … Continue reading

Plantain Ceviche (Ceviche de Platano)

Arturo likes to say he has the “higher vision,” while I am his “lovely assistant,” executing his brilliant ideas. He says this to make me crazy of course, but the truth is, he does have some great ideas. His most recent stroke of brilliance was to ask our Costa Rica friends to share a favorite … Continue reading

Tropical Smoothies

Waking up in our new house on the first morning, I knew what my mission would be. I needed to find the blender. (Unfortunately Joya’s Vitamix would not fit in our suitcase, not that she would have parted with it for a minute.) Luckily, I discovered our own trusty gadget in the pantry, and I … Continue reading

Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!

Our first 24 hours in Costa Rica were action-packed, and our friends could not have made us feel more welcome. Our friend Mario was so kind to pick us up at the airport. After a dinner of ceviche and RostiPollos (mmm…), we put our tired selves to bed in anticipation of a very full day … Continue reading