lovefoodmusic originated as a concept when Arturo and Danielle planned their wedding in 2008. To narrow down the infinite options available, they honed in on the most important threads of their life together: their love and their love for their family and friends; their love of food and cooking, and their belief that a healthy relationship with food is fundamental to good health; and their love of music and dancing. (The wedding was a blast and we will share more in a future post.)

August 16, 2008

Danielle Hart is always up for an adventure. After high school she left home to put herself through school, embracing anything and everything Boston had to offer. After college she packed up a U-Haul with a couple friends and moved somewhere she had never been, the West Coast city by the bay, San Francisco – no job, no apartment and only a couple connections. Every risk has yielded great rewards. In San Francisco she met the love of her life, built a career working in the communications, adult education, Internet and digital media industries, and found her passion in lovefoodmusic. Danielle’s next big milestone is finishing a master’s degree in holistic nutrition, and she’s happy to be in the home stretch, working on her thesis. In her new career incarnation, she plans to combine writing, teaching, consulting and presenting to help people embrace health and happiness.

Arturo Schwartzberg is a somewhat unlikely combination of a hippie and a worker dog. Lying in the sun like a lizard is bliss for a while, but soon enough he’ll need a project to sink his teeth into. He has started companies (check out SweetRush), raised three smart, beautiful kids as a single dad, bought and restored over twenty houses in the San Francisco Bay Area, and made possibly thousands of jars of jam. He is a student of the world, striving to understand the complexities of human behavior and interaction, and what makes a person “genuine.” While you may hear most from Danielle in this blog, know that he is the generous, loving, supportive man standing behind her shoulder.

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