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Journey to the Caribbean Coast: Part 1 – Esterillos to Cahuita

One of the many things that Arturo and I have in common is that we both love a good road trip. Assuming you can find a path that takes you off of the main roads, the journey becomes a rich experience in itself, not just a way to reach your destination. Arturo and I established … Continue reading

lovefoodmusic Costa Rica

Three weeks or so after I met Arturo, he invited me to his house for a dinner party. Nestled in a corner of the kitchen, I took up the post of bartender. It turned out to be a great way to meet all of his friends in a no-pressure way (not to mention I was … Continue reading

Getting Settled

I thought you all might like to get a little glimpse into our world here in Esterillos Oeste at Casa Feliz. It took us a little time to get set up and settled in, but now it really feels like home. You know that feeling when you’ve been away, and then it’s the first night … Continue reading

Monkey Love!

Dear readers, I’m back! After suffering with some kind of illness (nothing serious), we did some traveling, had some friends over… and wow, where does the time go? Anyway, today’s post is just pure fun – monkey love! We happened upon these beautiful creatures about 30 minutes south of our house in Esterillos Oeste, in … Continue reading