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Costa Rica

Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!

Our first 24 hours in Costa Rica were action-packed, and our friends could not have made us feel more welcome. Our friend Mario was so kind to pick us up at the airport. After a dinner of ceviche and RostiPollos (mmm…), we put our tired selves to bed in anticipation of a very full day to come. And our first activity upon waking was, of course…

The Farmer’s Market!

Santo Domingo Farmer's Market

The market in Santo Domingo de Heredia is in the town center in front of a large church. It goes for two or three blocks. Of course we recognized many things, but now we had to start learning the names of our favorite foods en Espanol. I remember from our last (brief) trip to Costa Rica how amazing the fruitas (fruits) are here: piña (pinapple), papaya, banana, sandía (watermelon) and the very special guanábana.

As a special treat we tried el jugo de la caña de azúcar (cane sugar juice). The color is slightly green-ish and the taste is a mild sweet and very delicious. (Can you say mojito?) We also had el agua de coco (coconut water) and bought a homemade tortilla made from masa (corn flour mixed with water into a loose dough) and queso (cheese). It reminded us of pupusas, which we can buy at our farmer’s market in San Francisco.

Cane Sugar Juice Extractor

Homemade Breads

Los Amigos en La Ferria (Friends at the Market)

After el desayuno (breakfast), Mario took us on a driving tour of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. The city was bustling on Saturday, but in fact was calmer than during the week when people are at work. We will be back to San Jose so I’ll share some pictures of the city soon.

Muchas Gracias Mario y Gabi!

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About Danielle Hart

The three foundational aspects of my life, that keep me healthy and sane, are love, food and music. I am truly blessed to have the love of, and to give my love to, my husband, family and friends. I choose to surround myself with and to seek out healthy, yummy, nourishing food. The soundtrack of my life is upbeat, fun and totally danceable. As I begin this blog, I have embarked on a new journey to open my heart to new love, food and music. I hope to share some of my experiences here as a travelog for my friends and family back home in the US. As they say here in Costa Rica, pura vida!


4 thoughts on “Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!

  1. This is awesome, I can’t wait to follow you along all of your upcoming adventures! Pura Vida! xoxo

    Posted by Joya | February 8, 2012, 1:19 pm
  2. I have read all the adventures so far and love the pictures!!!! Can’t wait to hear more.
    Take Care Love, hugs and kisses Mom

    Posted by Charotte Hart AKA Mom | February 8, 2012, 6:39 pm

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